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VM snaphost removal

Post by johnhk215 »

If the enviornment is ESXI 6.7 + NFS 3.0 which have VM stun issue/timeout after backup finished when ESXI/VM perform snapshot removal.
I can change the backup mode from network appliance to NBD and it can reduce or prevent the stun time? but appliance mode backup speed is much fast.
I can use veeam backup agent, no stun issue on agent mode with entire VM backup?

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Re: VM snaphost removal

Post by rennerstefan »


if you change from Hot-Add to NBD mode I doubt it will change anything as it still leverages the same VMware snapshots.
Of course using Agents would prevent it as not VMware Snapshot is used anymore when using agents inside the server.
Did you investigate with VMware why you see this stun? Is the storage overloaded?
I would rather try to find the root cause instead of trying workarounds.

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