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No proxies on esx mgmt network

Post by bleyers »


I'm trying to seperate the backup traffic from the productin traffic using VLANs.

So my virtual veeam proxy servers are in VLAN 10 (192.168.10.x)
The virtual veeam server is also in VLAN 10 (192.168.10.x)
Two EMC Data domain are also in VLAN 10 (192.168.10.x)
Virtual Vcenter is in VLAN 20 (192.168.20.x)

All the items above are know in DNS with thair respective VLAN ip

ESXi hosts have 2 esx mgmt network interfaces (both on the same vswitch) one in VLAN 10 and one in VLAN 20.
The esxi hosts are known in DNS with their VLAN 20 IP.

I configured the network preference described in http://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/80/v ... twork.html to use VLAN 10

So when i start a backup i get this message in veeam.
14/01/2015 11:10:09 :: No available proxies are running on ESX(i) management interface subnet. Using proxies from a different subnet, performance may be impacted.

I also see my proxy servers connecting the the VLAN 20 interface of my ESXi hosts but i need the proxy servers to connect to the VLAN 10 interface.

How do i make this work ?

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Re: No proxies on esx mgmt network

Post by alanbolte »

The preference you linked only controls traffic between two Veeam data movers, not between a data mover and hosts/storage.

When you add an ESXi host to Veeam as standalone, you get to choose an IP address or DNS name to contact. If you have a vCenter, you don't generally wan't to back up through the hosts as if they were standalone, you want to do so through the vCenter. However, when you add the vCenter to Veeam, we request a list of the hosts and automatically populate the Backup Infrastructure with the DNS names or IP addresses retrieved from the vCenter. If, as a result, the hosts are added to Veeam via DNS name, you can just edit c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on the Veeam Backup server and each proxy to point to this other IP address. There might be a way to do this in DNS without just having a separate DNS server for Veeam, but that's not really my area of expertise.

All that said, unless you're using network transport mode, only VM configuration files would be transferred over the network. By default, virtual proxies will use virtual appliance transport mode (SCSI hot-add) to back up the VM disks.

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Re: No proxies on esx mgmt network

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Uhm, there may be an issue however if virtual proxies failover to network mode for any reason.
The hosts file is indeed an option to leave vcenter settings untouched, and it makes perfect sense since there are just two proxies and two ESXi servers.

On larger environments, I would use a linux DNS server and leverage Bind "views" to show different results of the original one to the proxies. I know also Microsoft has "subnet prioritization" in Windows DNS server, but never tested it.
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Re: No proxies on esx mgmt network

Post by bleyers »

Thanks for the information and clarification on how veeam handles the resolving when using vcenter vs stand-a-lone hosts

I tried using the the subnet prioritization and it works but since this brings other issues i reverted to using hosts files.
None the less the issue is resolved.

Thank you

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