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Not getting through first run with WAN accelerator

Post by yves.strobbe »

I'm testing with the WAN accelerators because we are having problems with getting our backups offsite over WAN. We have a 20MB/20MB VDSL connection as wan for backups but this is sometimes unstable connection and i read that the WAN acc would start again where the connections got lost. And so doesnt have to start all over again every time a connection drop happens.

Since i've been testing with it i get all of my server offsite exept my document server. The document server has a 1.7TB disk and it is always failing to get the disk either fingerprinted or else when i finished fingerprinting its telling me Fingerprints are missing at source, loading them from target then after a while i get the message "Failed to load digests from target".Then it starts sending full backup copy instead of the incrementals. Which i never get send over WAN since its 1.7TB.

Is anyone else using WAN accelerators for disks of this size? And are you having same problems?
Does anyone have any suggestions how i can get this server through the first initialization? because i think when its getting though once it will start running smooth every time.

Backup Infrastructure:

I have a virual backup server which is also the backup repository for backup jobs and is the Source WAN accelerator. It has 8 vCPU and 12GB RAM. I only have 1 job running at the same time Maybe 2 when a backupjob is running and a backup copy is still running. I have a 2nd Backup proxy with 4vCPU and 8GB ram. At the remote site i have a backup proxy/repository with 4vCPU and 8 GB RAM which is also the target WAN accelerator. All repositories are windows machines repositories. Backup job is a forward incremental job since i did a clean install of v8 and used default backup mode. I have 23 VM i created 3 jobs. 1 with 6 database servers and 1 exchange in it (+/- 2TB data). One with my 2 document servers (+/- 3TB). And the last job has all other server (+/- 2TB). All my server are getting send over to the remote site except for one document server which is the only server with a 1.7TB disk. The other server have a max disk size of 500GB.

I also have a support case: 00822164 running on it but would like so have some advice from the community as well.

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Re: Not getting through first run with WAN accelerator

Post by Shestakov »

Your understanding is correct, at first you need to seed a backup copy and then run backup copy jobs using WAN Acceleration.
This post might also be helpful.

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