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Pull backup through proxy

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The backup job is currently running at the customers Veeam server with the repository mounted through our Veeam server/proxy. The problem is that i would like to run surebackup/recovery tests on our site(at the 192.168.10./24 network). Is it possible to run the backup job on our Veeam server instead? Can i somehow add the customers ESXi-host through his Veeam proxy?

Customers site
ESXi -
Veeam nic1 -
Veeam nic2 -

Our datacenter
Veeam nic1 -
Veeam nic2 -
Repository server -


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Re: Pull backup through proxy

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In case your Veeam server has access to the ESXi host at the customer's site, you can run backup job on your Veeam server using the proxy at the customer's site as the source one.

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