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Pushing To AWS

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I have a similar question as Dave-Departed about off site replication, but didn't want to hijack his thread as my circumstance is a bit different. I'm using V7 Cloud Edition and my goal is to be able to push JUST the weekly full backups of specific VMs to S3 and not the entire backup repository. The way I'm testing at the moment is by configuring a Backup Copy job just for a specific VM and sending the backup copy to it's own repository. It's that repository I'm pushing to S3 via CE, which should give me a full backup of the target VM. Will this work or is there a better way?


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Re: Pushing To AWS

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What mode the backup job is using? Forward or reversed incremental one? In the former case, you can, probably, set backup job to run full backup once a week, then, select it as a source for a backup plan, and specify corresponding file masks for a backup plan, so that, it will process only .vbk files. Thanks.

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