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Question regarding Replica Mapping

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Hi Team,

I have a customer situation where I need to replicate a VM to multiple WAN Remote site.
When reading the User Guide I'm not sure to understand how the Replica Mapping support.

I'd like to replicate a VM v2 Windows XP to remote site where I already have some different Windows XP VM v1 (with other applications installed).

Could I use VBR to replicate my VM v2 using Replicat mapping of the different VM v2 in remote site so I would benefit from sending only the differential blocks from VM v1 and VM v2 ?

My objective is to reduce the amount of data sent to Remote site as bandwith is very low.

Thanks for your help
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Question regarding Replica Mapping

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Mapping VMs into completely different VMs won't do the trick, you need to use the same VM for replica mapping.

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Re: Question regarding Replica Mapping

Post by Gostev »

Generally speaking, if both VMs are made from the same template and have the exact same virtual hardware and disk sizes, then you can try doing that. However, you will most likely not get any good traffic saving with this type of seeding. Besides, this will result in huge snapshot on target for the first restore point (and thus commit time problem later, when retention period hits this restore point). So, overall, not a very good idea this. Thanks!
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