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Rename, then restore previous vm

Post by filippoAdb »

I know I don't have to worry if I rename a vm
Veeam tracks objects by MorefID, the job will continue to backup a VM according to schedule because the reference at the level of vSphere inventory remains the same.
Unfortunately my scenario is a bit more complicated.

VM Portal got corrupted, I renamed it to Portal_broken and switch it off but it cannot be deleted because sooner or later we will try to investigate what caused the corruption.
Meantime I restored a functioning version from backup with the old name. So the correct vm to backup is Portal and not Portal_broken as Veeam thinks. Is there an easy way to fix it ? Can I go on with the backup chain I have ? I have 14 restore points for Portal and I would like to join them to the new VM created by the restore operation.


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Re: Rename, then restore previous vm

Post by HannesK »

It depends what is "easy" for you :-) There is the way via database edits or Powershell, but for one machine with only 14 restore points, I would go for a new backup chain.

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