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replication and backups on server performance

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Hi Group,

Can replications or backups with veeam 6.5 have an effect of MSSQL server database performance while running? We are running both replications and backups throughout the business day.

If I understand the way it works, when a backup or replication begins, the virtual machine file is essentially frozen to writes and a snapshot file is opened to capture the writes to later be integrated back into the original vm file.

Been having some complaints about read performance.

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Re: replication and backups on server performance

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Hi Tom,
tom11011 wrote:Been having some complaints about read performance.
Do you receive these complaints during snapshot commit/removal operations or at the beginning of the backup job?

Here is a good reading about continous replication that should address your question, please take a look: Replication every 15 minutes

Hope this helps.

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Re: replication and backups on server performance

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Tom, Snapshots on virtual machines needed to do backups DO have an impact on performance. How big is that impact dependes on several factors, they could eventually hit performances, but to be sure you need to analyze performance graphs, especially when the VM is running with a snapshot. Have a look at this paper for some best practices on snapshots:
http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/micros ... Id=1025279

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