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Replication and vMotion

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If I set up continous replication to a remote site for VMs that are running in an ESXi cluster, does it continue uninterrupted if one or more of the source VMs failover to another host?



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Re: Replication and vMotion

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Hello! Veeam B&R is vMotion-aware in case your jobs point to vCenter server (not to individual ESXi hosts).

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Re: Replication and vMotion

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As long as you add VMs to a job in a way that does not matter in the api. It's best to pick your VMs by parent folder or by name for example.

If you picked a host when you add VMs then vmotion changes the host and the vm falls out of the job. If you picked a datastore then svmotion changes the datastore. But folders, clusters, etc keep thr vm as a child no matter of vmotion or svmotion.

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