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Restore of 26GB file taking 10 hours

Post by dlmackay »

Hi, we are trying to urgently restore a 20GB file from a file server, and its going to take 10 hours apparently - is there a faster way? The file is being restored to a local hard drive on the Veeam server, not over the network.
Also, just wondering on the best practice to back up VM servers, to get a faster restore?
Some of our servers are grouped into 1 x backup job (currently trying to restore from a server in a group of 6), so would it have been faster to move this server into its own backup job, which might make recovering the index\decompression, or whatever is taking so long for it to download?

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Re: Restore of 26GB file taking 10 hours

Post by foggy »

Donna, could you please describe your setup in brief (Veeam B&R server, proxies, repository..)? Also, what kind of file-level restore do you use: Windows or Other OS?

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