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Restore procedure for backing up the vm Veeam is running on.

Post by barnettd »

I've been experimenting with Veeam in our small environment (1 host, 2 VMs). We are replacing our current host with a VMWare free hypervisor. What would the restore procedure be if I ran Veeam on one of our existing VMs?
Basically I want to be able to transfer the VMs to new host (that would not exist until needed) in case of failure. Right now we are backing up to tape. My though was that the tape backup would continue, with veeam backup files added to the tape backup. Just not sure how the restore would be done since it's a kind of chicken-before-the-egg scenario.
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Re: Restore procedure for backing up the vm Veeam is running

Post by Gostev »

We provide standalone backup extraction tool (search this forum or the User Guide for extract.exe). So, you just restore VM files from VBK, copy the over to the datastore using Datastore Browser, and double-click VMX to register the VM. Thanks!
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