Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Restore Times

Post by mintyevertonian »

Hi Guys

I have a new Host for DR purposes
I have installed ESX - > Added a datastore using local SATA disks (7.2KRPM) -> built a windows server - > installed veeam v 7 - > imported backups from repository - > Started restoring to new host.

The restore times are very slow ...Fastest I am getting is 25mb/s. I would have expected faster restoration times

Am I missing something?
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Re: Restore Times

Post by foggy »

What kind of repository your backups are stored on? Could you please check in the restore session whether hotadd mode is used to populate target with VM data? What if you force network mode for the default proxy server?
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Re: Restore Times

Post by dellock6 »

Also, is the restore coming from a full restore point or an incremental? If the latter, for sure the random reads from multiple backup files is going to add time. Also the speed of the local datastore matters, apart being made with 7.2k sata disks, how is it made?

On an additional note, VMFS is known to be not so efficient in writing large files, just like vmdk files, because of how it manages metadata. Have a look at this post from Cormanc Hogan from VMware itself: ... s-so-slow/

I'm planning to do a comparison between VMFS and NFS right on restoring VMDK files.

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