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marius roma
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Searching for files in backup

Post by marius roma »

I apologize for the very basic question.
After creating a backup, how can I restore a single deleted file if I know the name of the file (mydocument.doc) but I don't know the directory where the file was located and the last restore point containing the file?
From the documentation I have it looks that I need to install Veeam Backup Search, is it correct?
Is Veeam Backup Search available in the Standard version or only with the Enterpsise version?
If so, what searching option is available in the Standard version?
Veeam Software
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Re: Searching for files in backup

Post by foggy »

Did you have a chance to review the sticky FAQ topic? It addresses all these questions. The FAQ also answers another topic you've just created regarding 1-Click FLR (which I'm going to delete now). Kindly please read FAQ before posting any further questions. Thanks!
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