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Shut down virtual machine before Backup jobs

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I have to shut down virtual machine before starting backup jobs, and power on after backup jobs. I know i can do it with scripts. But i can't imagine how to power on after backup. May be you know how to fix it?

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Re: Shut down virtual machine before Backup jobs

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and welcome to the forums.

You can do that with a post-job script https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... l?ver=95u4

For example with PowerCLI and the Start-VM command.

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Re: Shut down virtual machine before Backup jobs

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Important point is that you can not use both wit VM scripts. You have to do this with Job Pre Post scripts.

The reason for the the shutdown script is, that we check the end result of the script and when there is no answer (shut down VM) we will let the job fail.

The suggestion is to look into VMware PowerCLI scripts to shutdown VMs and start them afterwards.

But overall why do you want to do this? The reason why I am asking is that Veeam actually set some stuff in the OS so that the OS is aware of a potential restore situation later. This is very important for some of the application that depend on this information. Better to just stop the service for the applications that do not support VSS or just bring them into bakup mode?

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