Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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"Specified network name is no longer available" w/CIFS NAS

Post by cyberswb »

Veeam version is v6 with hotfix1.

I have run into this on a couple of sites where backups are being run to both local disk and CIFS NAS -- two seperate jobs, local disk backup happens first and is always finished before second job starts.

Backups to local disk run fine, backups to the NAS fail kind of randomly. In one day's job, 1 or 2 of the VMs will backup and the others will fail. On the first retry, 1 or 2 VMs will backup. After that, we may not get any more successful backups (all retries result in failure) until the next scheduled job run.

As you can see in the error log, it IS a low-budget Buffalo Terastation NAS (no, I didn't choose it...) and I suspect the device is just too lame in terms of disk and network I/O to keep up with the backup server, although we did have general success with Veeam 5 to this same device.

1/24/2012 20:13:20 :: Error: Client error: The specified network name is no longer available
Failed to read data from the file [\\\Veeam\VeeamDaily\DSI-Daily-Terastation\DSI-Daily-Terastation2012-01-11T105353.vbk].
Failed to backup text locally. Backup: [Prev. backups: "veeamfs:6:a4500d08-afe7-432b-85d5-0cd1adc3df6a (vm-20)\\\\Veeam\VeeamDaily\DSI-Daily-Terastation\DSI-Daily-Terastation2012-01-21T200042.vib";"veeamfs:6:a4500d08-afe7-432b-85d5-0cd1adc3df6a (vm-20)\
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Re: "Specified network name is no longer available" w/CIFS N

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This typically means that we have lost connectivity to the file/location.
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Re: "Specified network name is no longer available" w/CIFS N

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I got in the past the same type of error using Veeam Backup 5 and a small 2-disks QNAP storage at a customer's. We moved the qnap to a faster network area and the errors went away. In another situation, same problems, swapped the device with a bigger ones and once again problems went away. CIFS on these kind of devices seems to be slow and not efficiently implemented.

Never had this error on faster devices like ExaGrid or other mid-market NAS.

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