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Standardization or KISS

Post by lowlander »


Are there any Benifits using separate vmdks for OS, program files (VBR) and pagefile for a Windows 2019 deployment considering installing backup & replication?

in the discussion of standardize your golden image for server deployments, I maybe understand this as a benefit.

However for Veeam servers I like to use KISS, and just use one sizable OS disk for everything.

What are best design principles to use nowadays?
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Re: Standardization or KISS

Post by HannesK »

I use one disk since 15 years... anything else has always been too complex for me.

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Re: Standardization or KISS

Post by matteu »


I always use 1 disk for what you ask for but I use a second for write cache and indexing as veeam vidéo suggest
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