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Suggestion: better UI for virtual labs

Post by blanchet »

These are ideas to improve the user interface of virtual labs when you have lot of them.

Idea 1:
When I replace my ESXi node by a new one, I have to recreated manually all my virtual labs.
That is very boring, it would be easier if I can clone the virtual lab and just change some settings like we can already do for the Backup Jobs.

Idea 2:
It would be more convenient if all the virtual lab folders were directly grouped inside a top folder like Virtual Labs, instead of laying at the root of the VMware datacenter.

Until now, I have to move manually each new virtual lab folder in a common parent VM folder Virtual Labs to avoid polluting the vCenter root namespace with many virtual labs VM folders.

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Re: Suggestion: better UI for virtual labs

Post by Egor Yakovlev »

Hi Sebastien.

Good feedback, noted for improvements in future versions.


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Re: Suggestion: better UI for virtual labs

Post by dloseke »

To add on to that, I'd love for the virtual lab appliance to NOT be named the name of the lab. Maybe give an option or something on what to name it? My labs tend to be named the name of the site that the lab is deployed to, so for instance, if I name my lab Omaha, then I have a VM randomly named Omaha which is strange. I could name it Lab-Omaha, which I guess would certainly help. That said, if I have a strict naming convention for VM's, I'm going to have to name my lab something weird to match as well, for instance [COMPANYABBREVIATION][SITEABBREVIATION][PRODUCTIONABBREVIATION][VEEAMABBREVIATION]LAB or something like that...you get the idea. It'd be nice to name the VM separately from the Lab name.

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Re: Suggestion: better UI for virtual labs

Post by Mildur »

Hi Derek

You can already configure the name of the virtual Lab VM.
Is that what you are looking for?
https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=110
By default, the proxy appliance is placed on a datastore with the maximum amount of free space. The default name of the proxy appliance is the virtual lab name that you have specified at the Name step of the wizard. To change a name or a datastore for the proxy appliance, click Edit and specify a new name or choose a different datastore.
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