Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Suggestions & Questions

Post by crazycommando »

Suggestions/Questions. Thanks in advance.
-On the 'Real Time Statistics' page, the vm name pane needs to be a bit longer as our computer names are a bit too long for the window. I always need to expand it out a bit.
-I would prefer if no truncation of logs on replication jobs the default setting as I just want a copy at the other site.
-SureBackups to include some type of eseutil util consistency checks against the Exchange DB similar to how DPM operates. I had to fix a damaged Exchange DB the other day with a site that isn't virtual and uses DPM 2007. DPM luckily pointed out the issue. Would be a nice touch if you could find a way to do something similar.
-Are there any plans to use a non snapshot orientated approach to replication similar to the way SRM 5 Repliation works? (I read it uses some vSCSI filter driver or something)
-Is there a check space view on the replication job? I can't seem to find it.
-Obviously a Long way off but I see Windows 8 has the De-Dupe bundled This could be an added bonus and compliment your built-in dedupe. Any thoughts on this one or off the radar?
-Would it be a good idea to be warned if someone inadvertently uses the same proxy for both local & remote replication? (Sometimes I go next, next, next without thinking!)
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Re: Suggestions & Questions

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Regarding this one:
crazycommando wrote:-Is there a check space view on the replication job? I can't seem to find it.
You can see the space available on the particular datastore at the Destination step of the wizard and the total size of the replicated VMs is displayed at the previous step.

And thank you for the feedback, much appreciated!
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