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SureBackup Setup Question

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I am going through the Veeam SureBackup Setup PDF as I have two DCs and a Web Server I need to test restore on a regular basis. Here is a question I am unsure of. The domain controllers and web server I need to test are in my DMZ. I have two dedicated ESx 4.1 hosts in a cluster exclusively for my DMZ VMs. From my DMZ I cannot ping my Veeam Backup server which backs them up. In setting up my virtual lab, is it OK to run the Surebackup restore of these DCs on a host that does not have a virtual switch to run any VMs from my DMZ (i.e. my domain controllers and web server)? I have several hosts in my Production VMware cluster (where my Veeam backup server resides), but I don’t have VMs from my DMZ on those hosts.



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Re: SureBackup Setup Question

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Kevin, you should not experience any issues with such scenario. The switch will be created on creating a virtual lab and the networks will be mapped automatically.

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