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To re-ip or not

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Are there any experiences with Layer2 software solutions to connect Datacenter and Colocation, in combination with VBR replication ? Idea is to avoiding re-ip for specific workloads that don't work anymore after a re-ip.

What are the pros and what are the cons of re-ip ?

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Re: To re-ip or not

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I'm not a network "expert", but one of the reason for using L3 is that routing is easier to manage than broadcasting at L2, and also depending on the services running on the network, with L2 some "chatty" protocols can send many packets around also over the wan link, and if this is not so fast they can reduce the bandwidth.
On the other side, L2 obviously has the advantage of not having to re-ip machines when you move them from one side to the other.

We have seen customer doing replicas on both layers, with no issues at all in any of them.
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