Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Two repositories same server

Post by Phyxiis »

So I searched and only found using a single repository, by two different VBR servers. I'm asking something slightly different and didn't find any resources online about it.

Our situation is we have a single VBR server, 4 proxies, 1 physical linux server (for immutable backups). We are a non-profit so just purchasing more storage isn't necessarily the easiest solution for us. I have set up this linux box as a hardened repo and it's been fine.

The issue is we only have the immutable-setting set for 10 days. In order to keep monthly backups for several months (or even weekly backups more than 10 days) we would require changing that to 30 days (for example to keep 3 monthly backups using GFS - separate thread). We wouldn't have enough storage to keep all of our daily backups immutable for 90 days.

My question is this and if it's a supported configuration:
Set up two backup repositories to the same linux box from within a single VBR, that point to two separate directories on the same linux server?
Backup repo 1: IP_FQDN_Linux_Server/10dayimmutable -> used for daily backups
Backup repo 2: IP_FQDN_Linux_Server/30dayimmutable -> used for weekly backups and monthly+GFS
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Re: Two repositories same server

Post by foggy » 1 person likes this post

Hi Alex, having several folders on the same box serving as different backup repositories is totally fine. Just keep in mind the overall load.
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Re: Two repositories same server

Post by vmtech123 »

I have 2 repos on the same server. It works fine. Just make sure that the cores assigned to each is kept in mind. If you had a lot, you may want to over provision them a bit so your jobs aren't waiting if the other repos are idle.
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