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Using Persistent Agent for Restores

Post by anicolai »

The new v11 feature of using the Veeam Installer service as a "Persistent Agent" instead of upload to the ADMIN$ share is really helpful when i work in strict network environments due to the limited port openings needed.

But i was worndering if there is solution for:

When performing Credentials check to skip Native OS and VMware VIX checks and jump directly to "Persistent Agent" check, very time consuming when waiting for them to fail.
In registry its possible to tweek wheater it checks VIX or Native OS first, but since its True/False setting its difficult to incorporate 3 settings.

When performing restores from SQL Explorer (and probably) other Explorers it doesn't seem if VBR tries Persistent Agent at all bot only SMB/RPC methods and you still need the huge firewall openings

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Re: Using Persistent Agent for Restores

Post by PetrM »

Hi Alex,

Thanks for feedback!

1) I guess it make sense to think about possible improvements.
2) The request is noted. Although, I cannot comment on ETA because I'm not ready yet to determine the priority of this request. Anyway, the idea seems to be reasonable.


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Re: Using Persistent Agent for Restores

Post by skjaerhus » 1 person likes this post

I second the idea of using the persistent agents more and limiting the demand for SMB especially.

We have a highly segregated network and having to open so many floodgates across the board to support the various restore scenarios is a bit of a red flag for our security dept., using preinstalled persistent agents could alleviate some of that pain, and SMB in particular.

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Re: Using Persistent Agent for Restores

Post by JaySt » 1 person likes this post

+1 for these suggestions. Would be very welcome.
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