Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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v11, storage snapshots not deleted

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V11 + HPE Nimble iSCSI attached to physical Win 2019 server
couple of days before, i'm suddenly found storage snapshots in the Home -> Backups -> Snapshots and in the storage infrastructure too.
I can delete them from the storage infrastructure and Nimble mgmt.
In this snapshots presented all VM's, even VM's which not in any backup job.
This is never happened before, and I'm didn't make any changes in veeam or jobs configuration.
Is this normal behavior?

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Re: v11, storage snapshots not deleted

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Hello Dimettin

Welcome to the forum.
Yes, that‘s expected.

You can those native storage snapshots created outside of veeam for all supported restore options. ... ml?ver=120

When you add your storage to Veeam, Veeam will rescan the volumes and import information about all available snapshots. If VMs were stored on those snapshots, they will be displayed in the veeam console for restore options.

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