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Veeam 6 Replication to second Host fails

Post by Plexi »

Hello dear Community

1. Support Case 5184014
2. I have Uploaded the Logs during registration of my support case

I have some troubles with our Backup in a ESXi 4.1 environment.
First, the Status message from the E-Mail looks like this, after we had moved the virtual machine to another datastore.

Then we have try to delete the virtual machine _replica from the host in vSphere:

After a few minutes the machine was deleted and i tried to start the backup again. --> Without success.

Now i have another error message:

Can anyone help me to solve this Error Step By Step? I really don't know what i have to do, to solve this issue..

Thanks in advance and best regards


PS: Tell me if you need more details or pictures from anything.
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Re: Veeam 6 Replication to second Host fails

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hi Chris, kindly ask you not to post log snippets as it is requested by our forum rules. Also as far as I can see from your ticket status our technical team is already looking into your issue, they will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!
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