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Veeam 8 NetApp Backup Infrastructure Fibre Channel on a VM?

Post by rciscon »

Just started working with Veeam v8 in a test environment, and I'm generally impressed so far with the Backup Infrastructure connection to my NetApp SAN utilizing NFS. But I've run into an issue with connections to the very few Fibre Channel connected VMs that I have running.

A look at the documentation states: "The VMware backup proxy must have a direct access to the SAN storage system via Fibre Channel. To connect to the storage system, the VMware backup proxy must have a Fibre Channel adapter installed.", and this makes perfect sense for a physical Veeam server.

My question is: Is there any way to make this work with a virtual Veeam server?

I have over 250 VMs, and only two of them (Exchange Servers) are running using Fibre Channel, the rest are running on NFS.

Any solution or do I need to go to a physical box with a Fibre Channel, or in my case 10 Gbps Ethernet connection to my SAN fabric on my Cisco Nexus 5548's.

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Re: Veeam 8 NetApp Backup Infrastructure Fibre Channel on a

Post by jlester »

If it is like the HP one, you'll need to have a physical server directly connecting into your fabric. It doesn't have to be your main Veeam server, it could just be a proxy. We used an older blade server that was no longer used in our cluster.

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Re: Veeam 8 NetApp Backup Infrastructure Fibre Channel on a

Post by veremin »

The backup server itself can be virtual, but you'll need a physical proxy server, if you want to utilize FC. The proxy can be virtual in case of ISCSI connection, though. Thanks.

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