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VEEAM and\or Snapshot Corrupting Folder VM Resides in!

Post by tuscani »

Case ID 00169705

Hey guys.. running into a weird issue.. the backup job on this VM finished with a warning that states "Removing snapshot" in the details. We went to manually start the job again and the VM powered off and died and according to VMware support appears to have corrupted the folder the VM resides in and it will no longer start because it cannot see a descriptor file\vmdk.

What's weird is when we do an ls on the folder we see:
ls: SBS 2008_2-000001.vmdk: No such file or directory

Yet if we try and manually recreate the file it errors out saying it already exists:
[root@VMHost1 SBS]# cp "SBS 2008_00000.vmdk" "SBS 2008_2-000001.vmdk"
cp: cannot create regular file `SBS 2008_2-000001.vmdk': File exists

Ever seen this before? The environment is a single ESX 3.5 host with MSA iSCSI and VEEAM 6.1

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Re: VEEAM and\or Snapshot Corrupting Folder VM Resides in!

Post by Gostev »

Hi, actually Veeam does not handle actual snapshot removal - it just issues the request that VMware removes the snapshot. VMware specifically isolates vendors from dealing with any snapshot processing whatsoever... if there is any issue that happens during the snapshot removal, it would be on VMware side.

I have not heard about similar issues before, however I've noticed that you are running a very old ESX version, so could be some old bug as well. May be you should consider upgrading your host first, if there is a possibility to do that?

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