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Veeam infrastructure rpc server unavailable

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Veeam backup infrastructure rpc server unavailable vmware
Server Firewall blocking Add Server

I poked around and didn't find a thread on this so I am leaving this in case others have problems.

When trying to add a client server to the Backup Infrastructure Add Server fails with RPC error.

Here's how I think this came about:
Reinstalled vCenter & Veeam B&R on Utility server
After install couldn't add client server to Backup Infrastructure on some servers but not all. Add Server failed with RPC error; also couldn't add as proxy.
Backups & Replication worked fine.
If I turned off Firewall on client server Veeam B&R could detect the server and install. As soon as firewall was turned back on the server became unavailable.

Tried this above but it broke the RPC and Internet. Removed the reg hack and restarted - fixed that.

Uninstalled agents and transport on client server, re-ran Add Server in Managed Servers on Utility server and VBnR was able to locate and install Agent and Transport.

I have read other threads with similar issues, some suggesting after update this occurs. Could be that Agent and Transport on Client are blocking ports or processes after upgrade or reinstall.

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