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Veeam license in case of failure

Post by Foni_Shawn »

Hi all,

I have a query about veeam licensing, in case my veeam machine fails for any reason can install another machine with the same licence key ?

Thanks and Regards in Advance.

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Re: Veeam license in case of failure

Post by alanbolte »

Yes, in fact, there is no limit on the number of Backup and Replication servers you can have installed simultaneously with the same key, so long as those servers are backing up or replicating the same ESXi or Hyper-V hosts. The license only limits what you back up/replicate (in terms of physical host sockets), not how you do so. It's not at all unusual to have a B&R server already deployed at DR location so that you can quickly restore your jobs and settings from configuration backup. Under some circumstances it is instead recommended to run your replication jobs from a server at the DR site and your backup jobs from a server at the production site.

See also http://www.veeam.com/backup-licensing-faq.html

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