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Veeam Setup for shared vmware environment

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Hi guys,

I would like to ask you if someone has some similar setup or if you see any show stopper or what could be done better for my setup for a shared vmware environment:

A shared vmware environment where you have several customers running their VMs.
For every customer shared environment you have a veeam backup proxy VM which will send data directly thru Data Mover Service installed on this server to a Veeam repository (Linux server with local disks). For every customer we will create on this linux repository a folder like /backup/customer1, /backup/customer2 etc. with user customer1, customer2 etc... for their backups.
In the end we will have some customers on repo1, some on repo2 etc..

On the management vmware environment we will have for every customer a VM as Veeam backup server with his own VCSP rental license. As data will go directly from production vmware to backup linux repository server I expect no big traffic on the mgmt environment. There will be some linux repository located in another datacenter for backup duplication (optional with hardened repo).
There will be a tape server/veeam backup server with local disks, this server will be added to some customers Veeam backup servers as backup repository for their backups and afterwards we will configure some Tape File backup job and backup folders with customers backup to tape.

The existing linux backup repository we would use also for our Veeam Cloud Connect tenants as we will create folders like /VCC/customer1, /VCC/customer2 etc...

Do you think this setup make sense or what could be improved? thank you!

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Re: Veeam Setup for shared vmware environment

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Hi Stano

If you share a single repository server
with every customer, you have to keep every backup server on the same version. Imagine 50 VBR, you need to update all at once, even if one customer doesn‘t want that or cannot update because of dependencies to support older guest OS versions.

Second, if your Customer has access to the backup server console, he will have access to all other customers vbk files. Maybe they are encrypted, he still can see the names of the backup files and folders. I assume you want to give them full control about VBR server?

Also this backup servers are not aware from each other. Customer1 can take over all resources (CPU/RAM) while customer2 on the other backup server will complain about bad performance. Component sharing between different backup server is not recommended.
There will be some linux repository located in another datacenter for backup duplication (optional with hardened repo).
Hardened repositories cannot be shared between different backup server.

I‘ll recommend to get in contact with your local veeam system engineer. They will be able to help you design such a cloud connect environment which is supported and technically optimized. Maybe in V12 Direct to Object Storage with immutability on dedicated buckets can be used instead of a single linux repository.

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