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Veeam VUL Clarification

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Please can you clarify for me, if I am using the Veeam VUL licenses, and I have a virtualised database server do I need 2 VULs, one for the database and one for the Virtual Machine?

Kind regards
Andrew Rycroft

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Re: Veeam VUL Clarification

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Hi Andrew

No, a single VUL will be used for the entire machine. Even if you use different backup methods (plugin, agent, vm image) for this machine.

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Re: Veeam VUL Clarification

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Hello Andrew,
No, you will need just one even if you protect this server as normal VM, plus with an agent installed to do some more granular Application-aware.

Give it a try and let us know, this question is answered on the FAQ if I am not mistaken.
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