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VM Copy from Instant recovery

Post by jozne »

I was wondering why Veeam uses the VMWare server to transfer data during VM Copy when you are running the process for server that has been started with instant recovery and both the
vpower nfs and backup repository reside in the same Veeam server?

Now the data goes from vPower NFS (veeam server) -> VM Server -> VeeamAgent (veeam server), when it could actually locally copy the data from vPower to VeeamAgent a quite bit faster while removing
the unnecessary data hop to vmware and back. Or am I doing something wrong?
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Re: VM Copy from Instant recovery

Post by foggy »

Jari, from the host's viewpoint, the IR VM is a normal VM and vPower NFS is just a normal datastore. VM copy just retrieves the data about VM from the host (it does not care whether this VM resides on vPower NFS datastore) and copies it to the specified destination.

I would suggest to use the new Quick Migration feature, which was designed with this scenario in mind and is more smart in this sense: instead of pulling the data from vPower NFS datastore, it registers a VM on the target host, restores the VM contents from the backup file located on a backup repository and synchronizes the VM restored from backup with the running VM.
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