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vmware esxi free

Post by mporliod »

Hello, can you confirm that with the version of vmware esxi free it is not possible to backup VMs using snapshots?
only a file level backup can be done via the agent.
I'm using Veeam Community Edition.

thank you

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Re: vmware esxi free

Post by jorgedlcruz » 2 people like this post

That is right, documented here. You can use Veeam Community Edition with Free VMware, using only VMware Agents for Linux VMs and Windows VMs. That works quite nicely, and everything is free, so we can ask for not much else, right?

If interested in a bit more SMB, take a look at the VMware Essentials Kit and the Veeam Essentials as well. It depends on who pays the license and how much vendor support and features they need.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: vmware esxi free

Post by Mildur » 1 person likes this post

Jorge is correct here.
only a file level backup can be done via the agent.
Just one small addition. The Agent can also do volume level backups. Just from inside the guest vm instead over the hypervisor. :)
https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=110
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Re: vmware esxi free

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I’d like to add here that it is not recommended to run production VMs on a free ESXi and veeam community edition.

Make sure you always have support available in case something goes wrong.
Stefan Renner

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