Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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vSphere on Nutanix - Best Practices for NFS

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This is a vSphere environment backed by Nutanix, with 3 nodes using NFS datastores.

Currently, there are 3 Windows proxies (1 per node) and those proxies are multi homed (1 NIC on the vSphere LAN - with access to vCenter, Hosts, etc. - the other NIC is on the NFS network)

Nutanix recommends that we enable a registry key "EnableSameHostDirectNFSMode" as per their best practices guide ( ... ended.html)

We also created a traffic rule to prefer the NFS network for backups (as per the recommendation here: ... tices.html) however this had a negative impact on performance when jobs were starting because the NFS network doesn't have any routing in place to vSphere, vCenter or the VBR server.

This is a V11 environment - are these recommendations still valid?
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Re: vSphere on Nutanix - Best Practices for NFS

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I would go for direct-NFS with a physical proxy and remove the virtual proxies.

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