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VXrail best practices

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HannesK wrote: Apr 05, 2022 11:49 am Hello,
@Hindawi: where did you find that outdated recommendation? I changed it in a couple of places, but it looks like it's still written somewhere :-)

We discontinued the recommendation because the original idea of it was to save bandwidth. That was during times where 1Gbit/s networks with VSAN were still common. Technically it's still valid, but due to increased bandwidth, it became irrelevant. So we decided to remove the recommendation in favor of easier management

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It's been a few months since i asked this question. Can you point me to any white paper/reference docs specifically for VXrail and Veeam please?

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Re: Quick Migration (VXrail)

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from a backup perspective, VXrail is VSAN. As the best practice is 2-3 sentences, I'm not aware of a dedicated whitepaper.

I cover VSAN in the VMware best practices whitepaper

NBD (physical proxies) is fastest in most cases for incremental forever backup modes, because the the HotAdd overhead is not there. With active full backups, HotAdd is usually faster. For VM / disk restore, HotAdd is usually faster.

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