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Importing tags from vCenter

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Hi, we've just implemented VEEAM one and are running through the configuration of it now. We've got it monitoring fine, all rights have been set for the service account but having some odd behaviour with specific elements of it (Business View at the moment).

When I log in to Business View, everything is fine, I can navigate the various tabs, create dashboards etc and while I haven't done any major config yet, it 'seems' fine. That is, until I click the Configuration tab. At that moment the notification in the top right which shows you who you are logged in as changes from my AD username, to the user name of the administrator who installed it.

Not only that, but I want to sync Tags from vCenter to Business View to enable better classification fo objects within our vCenter inventory. When I run the Import/Expert Wizard, the Tag categories are picked up from vCenter but no collected Tags are displayed. I've double checked permissions of the service account, and all is fine.

Is there anything I'm missing here?


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Re: Importing tags from vCenter

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Hi Andrew and welcome to the community!
Do you have Tag Categories shown in the Group Import Wizard?
If yes, after you click "next", are they listed as "imported"?
In any case I would suggest contacting Veeam support as accidental account switch is not expected behavior.

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