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New Installation Help

Post by nitero »

Hello All, I have been tasked with installing Veeam Business View on our enviroment. I already installed Vmonitor yesterday, with no hickups or problems at all. I went to install the Business View client after setting up its own database (seperate from our exsisting Vcenter DB and Vmonitor DB). When I try to connect to the DB that I setup for Business View I get shot back a message that the installation can't connect to the DB. Does the DB need to be local for Business view? Is there a common reason why it wouldnt be able to connect to the DB? I have checked all permissions and they are correct on both the database as well as machine side. I am just really confused why the Vmonitor portion was installed without a hickup and the Business View can't even connect to the DB that I have setup for it.

Any insights? Thanks, sorry if I am leaving any pertinent information out but I can anwser most questions you have regarding my enviroment.

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Re: New Installation Help

Post by Gostev »

Hello Drew, no - database does not have to be local, so most likely it is some environmental issue with permissions or connectivity. These kind of issues cannot really be troubleshoot over forum, as they require full logs investigation, and often webex into your environment. So, it would best if you open support case and let our technical staff investigate this. While Business View is free product, we do provide full technical support on Business View for Veeam customers with maintenance agreements for any other paid Veeam product in force.

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