3rd Advantage of synthetic full backup

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3rd Advantage of synthetic full backup

Veeam Logoby JohanS » Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:45 pm

On page 41 of the user guide of Veeam on Hyper-V V 6.5, one can read:

Use of synthetic full backups lets you combine advantages of tape-friendly incremental backup with those of reversed incremental. You can write small incremental changes to tape and at the same time have the latest VM image in the ready-to-restore state on the backup repository.

This is not clear to me. You can only get ready-to-restore images if you perform reverse incrementals. No ? If you only perform forward incrementals, and schedule a synthetic later..... you don't have a ready-to-restore image all the time but only when the syntheic is run what is its purpose ????

Can some body clarify please ?

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Re: 3rd Advantage of synthetic full backup

Veeam Logoby tsightler » Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:07 pm

Restore from incremental points in Veeam is the same process as restoring from a full as Veeam dynamically combines the previous full and incrementals "on-the-fly" during the restore process, so using forward incremental still provides ready-to-restore images from the latest backup (or from any on-disk restore point), it simply changes the way the backups are stored on disk to make it easier for copying to tape.
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