Host-based backup of Microsoft Hyper-V VMs.
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Back-upjob randomly creating vib files in stead of vbk files

Post by Coppens »

I have set some montly jobs in B&R and in the job\Storage\Advanced\Tab Backup I have the following settings:
Incremental enabled
Create synthetic full backup periodically disabled
Active full backups periodically enabled
--> with first sunday of the month

For the last 6 months it has created:
08-2022: vib
09-2022: vbk
10-2022: vbk
11-2022: vbk
12-2022: vib
01-2023: vbk

For me it seems like B&R is doing this randomly or maybe when the Active Full is not possible to create it turns to the Incremental.
How can I check this and/or turn this off?
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Re: Back-upjob randomly creating vib files in stead of vbk files

Post by Mildur »

Hi René

An Active Full is created if the backup job runs on that "first Sunday of the month".
If the job runs on another day, a VIB will be created.

Please check when the jobs were processed. If you still see any issue, please open a support case and let them check the logs.
Our support team will be able to tell you why a VIB file was created.

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