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Backup copy job not considering synthetic backup

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under Veeam, I have a backup job, monday to saterday at 22h00, synthetic on saterday. 30 restore points, GSF is enable w:4,M:12, Y:7 , data is backing to a Synology NAS, and it's working correctly. I have 6 incremental backups, and right after the incremental on the saterday, the syntetic backup start (take a long time) and finished on sunday

I try to create a backup copy job to an other NAS that follow the same scheme as the backup job, but it is not working as I understand it.
I create a backup copy job, immediate copy, same GFS with 30 restore point to a second Synology NAS.
What happen is , monday to saterday , the backup copy job create an incremental on the second NAS, but it never get the synthetic full, instead, I have, on monday, a big increamental (.vib) the size of a full backup. So I never have a .vbk (full backup) on my second NAS. I'm under the impression that the GFS will not work on this NAS

I will need your advise on this


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Re: Backup copy job not considering synthetic backup

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Hello and Welcome to our Community!

The retention policy of a backup copy job does not depend on source backup job settings, the backup copy always has its own retention.

The backup copy job applies the simple retention policy scheme in Immediate mode: once the number of allowed restore points is exceeded, data blocks from the first incremental file are injected into the full backup and the first incremental file in the chain is deleted. You can still configure GFS retention but full backup files will be created in synthetic mode as there is no active full option in Immediate mode.


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