Backup error HyperV replicated VMs when selecting folder

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Backup error HyperV replicated VMs when selecting folder

Veeam Logoby aweiss » Tue May 21, 2013 1:01 pm

I'm testing Hyper V Replica feature across two 2012 Hyper 2 nodes Clusters and i am also using Veeam for backup. SCVMM 2012 SP1 is in place, console also installed on Veeam Server (on host backup)

When i create a job by selecting my HyperV Host Folder, when the job runs and try to build VM list, it finds 2 VMs (the source and the HyperV replica)
For the source VM, i get the error "Task failed unexpectedly"
For the replica VM (that should not be backed up), i got the error "The object reference is not defined ..."

When i create a job by selecting directly the VM, the job ends successfully.

By searching the log of the backup job, it seeams that in the "folder selection" case, Veeam tries to locate the VM using the command "Get-VM" of SCVMM snapin and the field VMid. The field VMid should not be the one used as it is the VM ID in the HyperV role. Instead, the field ID of the get-vm command should be used. This field is the VM ID in SCVMM database.

I was interested in finding someone who already encountred similar situation. Case is opened : 207447
Rgds !
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