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Eric Loh
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Backup job schedule

Post by Eric Loh »

Hi All,

Good Day!

May I ask if the VBR v10 can be set up as the backup schedule below?
- Incremental backups every two days
- Full backup every 14 days

My backup repository is not enough space so that I want to try to reduce backup time instead of every day.

Egor Yakovlev
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Re: Backup job schedule

Post by Egor Yakovlev »

Hi Eric.
Not with native Veeam Job scheduler.
- Incremental schedule can be set on every 2nd day, but there are 7 days in a week, so one interval has to be 3 days. "Every 2 days" kind of impossible with 7 days in a week as it will shift backup days every week 1 day up. Inconsistency in backup schedule in this case(you never know when "2nd day is") makes this choice obsolete. You can set, for example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday(every 2 days during working week).
- Full backup has either Weekly schedule(for example every Friday), or Monthly schedule(say First Friday of Each\Selected Months). So "every 2 months" is not possible with default job scheduler. You can force Active Full with Windows Scheduled task(running every 2 months) to run powershell script with "Get-VBRJob -Name "YourBackupJobNameHere" | Start-VBRJob -FullBackup". That should work 2nd case out.

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Re: Backup job schedule

Post by jmmarton »

As a followup to anyone who might find this thread, changing the backup schedule won't necessarily reduce space requirements on the repository. Even if you could switch from daily incremental backups to incremental backups every other day, the number of changes is likely double resulting in no reduction of space usage on the repo.


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