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Backup of VM with excluded drive results in a VM checkpoint

Post by Squeezer » Jun 16, 2016 1:57 pm

I have a Hyper-V host, with several VMs, host and VMs are all 2012 R2:

DC1 (2TB)
DC2 (100GB)

All VMs reside on "C:\Hyper-V VMs" folder on Host. Hyper-V Host also has an external USB drive E:. I created a "VEEAMBACKUP E DRIVE.VHDX" on E: on Hyper-V Host, and connected it as SCSI Disk 2 on VEEAMBACKUP E:. I created my backup job to use the backup repository E: on VEEAMBACKUP. I configured the backup exclusions to only backup SCSI disk 0:0 (the C: Drive) on VEEAMBACKUP. When I run the backup, Veeam creates a Hyper-V checkpoint of "VEEAMBACKUP E DRIVE.VHDX" and merges it once complete which uses a 1TB of data while the backup runs. I don't understand why VEEAM is creating a checkpoint of "VEEAMBACKUP E DRIVE.VHDX" since this disk is excluded from being backed up. Any ideas?

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Re: Backup of VM with excluded drive results in a VM checkpo

Post by PTide » Jun 20, 2016 5:37 pm


Is there the 'Excluding disk 1' string in backup session log?


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