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backup to replica

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Guys how are you? ... I'm using VB&R and failover everything, I tested it well before putting it into production, but it's never ONLY.

When I needed it I came across a question: When failover was activated for the second host, as vms were perfectly fine, only I didn't have a backup routine for that second host, so I was unable to back up while host1 was away .

I tried to create a routine in the meantime and said that it was not possible to perform a backup due to the FailOver state.

Is there any way out for that?

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Re: backup to replica

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Hi Rafael - you can use Veeam Backup & Replication to backup a Hyper-V replica (the VM with name _replica by default) when it is in the replica ready state (powered off replica). If you fail it over, and if the failover is permanent, I recommend making a new job (or reconfiguring the existing job if same site) to back up the newly failed over VM. If you fail it over also - may want to remove the _replica from the name to indicate it is production now.

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Re: backup to replica

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Hi Rafael, just to stress it a bit more, you cannot backup a VM if it is in a Failover state, you need to make the failover permanent first.

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