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built-in hyper-v replication in next release

Post by mrt »

is too early to learn any differences between Veeam's hyper-v replicator and Windows Server 8's built-in replication feature?
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Re: built-in hyper-v replication in next release

Post by Gostev »

The blog post does not list a single feature, so it is impossible to list differences ;) plus, differences with what version? At the time of Windows 8 release, we will be rolling out our v7...

If we assume that the feature is being built to catch up with VMware and will be something similar to SRM v5 replication, then it will be "naked" replication with less features than we had for replication in v1.

As a rule of thumb, anything that is free is unusable beyond very small deployments and most basic scenarios. For example, take a look at VMware Data Recovery, which announcement produced many similar topics here 2 years ago. Did it affect Veeam? Absolutely not. Understand that this stuff is simply not their focus. Neither VMware nor Hyper-V are BC/DR vendor. All they both need is just a checkbox in competitive matrix for their virtualization offering.
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