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Cannot add Hyper-V host from a different network

Post by jessie0 »

Hello everyone.

Veeam server is running in a entirely different network environment(192.168.XX.XX) from
my Microsoft Azure backup target (172.16.XX.XX).
I tried to add it to my veeam infrastructure but i get the following error message:

"Network path not found, or invalid credentials supplied"

credentials were correctly supplied, hence my questions.

1. Is it impossible to backup a server in a different network?
2. If no, please how do I go about backing up my target server?
Please point me to documents if available.
3. If yes, please advice on best practice in my case.

Thank you!

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Re: Cannot add Hyper-V host from a different network

Post by foggy »

Hi, please check whether you're able to access the ADMIN$ share on the target server using the same account and review the following KB article. If this doesn't help, please contact support directly for a closer look. Thanks!

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