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Case ID: 03639459 - Backup Failed with Error

Post by thkhiang »

Hi all,

When running the backup job it showing with below erorr message, previously is working without any error.

Error: Failed to call RPC function 'HvWmiV2GetVirtualHardSettingData': Job failed (''). Error code: '32774'. Failed to get information about vhd disk '\\SOFSClientAP.pidm.local\HyperVProd\MDIC93v_SQLcots.pidm.local\MDIC93v_SQLcots_Win2012r2_OS.vhdx'.

Network traffic verification detected no corrupted blocks

Processing finished with errors at 6/27/2019 12:44:46 PM

Any suggest and solution on above error.

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Re: Case ID: 03639459 - Backup Failed with Error

Post by ejenner »

Was the VM moved or migrated or something? I may be wrong but it reminds me of the issue which comes up when the signature of the VM changes... Veeam no longer sees it as the same VM and can't actually find it until you renew the job settings to point to the new VM (the same VM with a new signature). If it is that issue then I believe there's a powershell script somewhere which can rewrite the signatures so Veeam recognizes the new VM as the old one.

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