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Compression - Volume/File vs VM

Post by RIPRIS »


I'm just wondering what the differences are between a file/volume level backup and a VM backup in terms of performance / compression?

Would a VM level backup have any better/different compression ratio vs a volume level backup of the same VM?
Similarly, would a VM level backup perform 'better' (faster) vs a volume level backup on the same VM?

Genuinely just curious - I can find documentation that talks about how compression works but nothing that suggests theres any difference in effectiveness between backup types.


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Re: Compression - Volume/File vs VM

Post by Gostev »


Both VM level and volume-level backups will perform identically in every aspect, because they are both doing exactly the same thing.

File-level backup will always be noticeably slower. Compression ratio will be slightly better if you use our NAS backup functionality, and the same if you use Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Agent.


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