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Configuring Repository ReFS inside a .VHDX

Post by fletcherjames » Jul 25, 2019 9:22 pm

We would like to configure our repository (11 TB) on a .VHDX inside a dedicated host partition on internal disk. Questions:
1) can we attach the .VHDX to the VBR VM and then format as ReFS, 64 K blocks, inside it?
2) if so, then should the host file system (inside the partitiion, and containing the .VHDX) be formatted as NTFS or ReFS, and what should its block size be?
3) if we format ReFS at both the host & guest level (if that's even possible), then do we need to do something on the Host so that it's not trying to carry out tasks such fast cloning, which we actually want Veeam inside the guest to be controlling?

If there are problems with the above scheme, then are we better off just to use our RAID as a pass-through? I have read a few posts on other forums saying that pass-through is passe.

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Re: Configuring Repository ReFS inside a .VHDX

Post by Mike Resseler » Jul 26, 2019 5:52 am

Hi Fletcherjames,

First: Welcome to the forums!
1) Yes, that is possible
2) It doesn't matter. When you create a VHDX, the filesystem inside can be anything (even linux partitions for a linux VM).
3) No, both are completely "unaware" of each other.

But to be honest... Do you have shared storage that you use for your Hyper-V setup? Or all of your VMs "local" to a host. Because if you have shared storage for your other VM's, it might be better to simply deploy that VHDX from the VBR VM to the same storage?

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