Host-based backup of Microsoft Hyper-V VMs.
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Do you need CBT tracking enabled backing up VM replicas (which are switched off)

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The customer has the following setup:
- Hyper-V cluster at Site A
- Single Veeam Backup Server at Site B (with Hyper-V role installed)
- VPN Tunnel between Site A and B
- Veeam at Site B has replication jobs which replicate VMs from site A to Site B (to the Veeam Server).
- The Replicated VMs are all in the OFF state.

The customer then has Veeam Backup Jobs configured to backup the VM replicas which are OFF. My question is, do they need or will the benefit from having CBT enabled?

The reason for the question is, the customer is getting lots of warnings saying: "Cannot use CBT: There is no change tracking data available associated with the specified change tracking identifier.. Failed to query changes for disk "

Could this be to do with:
The replication job running at the same time as the backup job?
CBT not supported or need for offline VMS/replica VMS?
something else?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Do you need CBT tracking enabled backing up VM replicas (which are switched off)

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Hi Mark, your understanding is correct, CBT cannot be used due to replica VMs having a snapshot, so it can be disabled. Consider switching to offsite backup with subsequent replication from backup, if applicable to the customer's setup.
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