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Does Veeam work with Hyper-V 2016 TP ?

Post by complexxL9 » Aug 07, 2016 2:31 pm

as per title does it work? I am having some trouble making it work on 2016 TP5 hyper-v cluster, not sure if I should try to investigate or it simply will not work until there is supported version?

Running Veeam B&R

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2016.08.07 17:13:42 :: Saving 762A11BA-8E37-4EFA-A3BC-5E7185E2B319.xml 
2016.08.07 17:13:42 :: Saving 762A11BA-8E37-4EFA-A3BC-5E7185E2B31.VMRS 
2016.08.07 17:13:44 :: Error: The system cannot find the file specified.
Failed to open file [C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\Control\Snapshots\762A11BA-8E37-4EFA-A3BC-5E7185E2B31.VMRS] in readonly mode.
Failed to open file [C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\Control\Snapshots\762A11BA-8E37-4EFA-A3BC-5E7185E2B31.VMRS] for reading.
Failed to backup file. File: [C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\Control\Snapshots\762A11BA-8E37-4EFA-A3BC-5E7185E2B31.VMRS]. ItemSpec: [veeamfs:7:9350fd09-838a-4326-a461-40dea24ec12e (ee683d1b-132b-46f4-af16-0ef4c84b8f58)\

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Re: Does Veeam work with Hyper-V 2016 TP ?

Post by nielsengelen » Aug 07, 2016 7:26 pm

VAS 9.5 coming later this year will fully support 2016. VAS 9 currently does not support 2016.
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Re: Does Veeam work with Hyper-V 2016 TP ?

Post by veremin » Aug 08, 2016 7:38 am

If you want to test it earlier, though, feel free to contact your sales representative to get access to private beta. Thanks.

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